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Radio Show – Senior Moments with Diane Masson Highlighting the Village in Hemet

Listen and learn important tips and strategies to help you understand and navigate senior housing options in this 25 minute interview with Diane Masson, Senior Housing Expert.


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Q & A with Senior Housing Expert: Diane Masson in the OC Register

LAGUNA WOODS – Diane Masson, 52, has worked in the senior housing industry for 17 years, both as corporate director of sales and regional marketing director. She wrote and published a book last spring, “Your Senior Housing Options,” after helping her mother find housing.


Q. Why did you write the book?

A. My passion has always been educating seniors on what their choices are. I find that most people don’t really understand that there is a need to look before there is a crisis. I just wanted to write the book to reach out to more seniors and educate them.

Q. What is the book about?

A. I cover everything from the seven deadly sins of searching for senior housing to options about what are the questions you should ask any place you are going to tour. Because when you walk in the door of a retirement community, you have no idea if it is a great retirement community or a mediocre one.

Q. Why should seniors plan ahead?

A. Seniors fall into one of two categories; either they are planning ahead or they are waiting for a health care crisis to happen. The ones that plan ahead are going out and having lunch at different retirement communities, they are checking out all their options, and a lot of those people end up having long-care insurance. Others are in denial and are waiting for a health care crisis before transitioning. For retirement communities, people need to plan ahead because there is a health and financial assessment in order to move in, but a lot of it gets down to what are the costs. A lot of people think it is cheaper living at home. But what they don’t realize is that 66 percent of all of us are going to need care at some point.

Q. What are the consequences of waiting too long?

A. If you plan ahead, then you can move into a retirement community. If you wait too long, then you end up moving into assisted living or skilled nursing. Those are the choices. Unless you want your children to put you someplace and make decisions for you, you should decide where you want to live. Financially, if you plan ahead and you move to a place that shares the risk for your future healthcare costs, it can cost you a lot less money in the long run. But if you wait, you end up having to pay as you go. If you live in a month-to-month rental facility and you outlive your resources then you will get to a point where they can kick you out.

For more information, free resources and a weekly blog by Masson, visit

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Freedom Village Residents Award Seven Scholarships to Freedom Village Employees

TV Scholarship Photo 6.15

The residents of Freedom Village, a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Hemet, CA believe in the education and growth of the employees they see working hard every day at Freedom Village. A very special group of residents put money behind that statement and formed Freedom Village Scholarship Board in 1995.

For the last 20 years, residents have generously funded Freedom Village Scholarship program primarily through fundraisers and resident wills, trusts and estates. Once a year in June, Freedom Village Scholarship Board awards scholarships to deserving employees. Full-time students attending a four year university or college receive a $3,000 scholarship, while full-time students attending a two year college receive $1,500. Scholarships for grants vary in the amount given. All eligible recipients must be employees of Freedom Village Retirement or HealthCare Center.

This year Freedom Village Scholarship Fund awarded seven scholarships to seven very deserving employees.

Freedom Village Residents are Helping Freedom Village Employees Achieve Their Dreams

Tammy Jiminez has worked in the HealthCare Center Dining Room for five years.  She is a Biology Major at Cal State San Bernadino. Her dream is to become a Research Scientist.

Sara Lund has been a valued member of the HealthCare Center for three years. She is currently a Medical Technician and is a Liberal Arts Major at Cal State San Bernadino. Her dream is to become a First Grade Teacher.

Alexandra Rodriguez has been an integral part of the nursing staff in the HealthCare Center for the past year. She is a Certified Nursing Assistant and is a Health Science Major at California Baptist University, Riverside. Her dream is to become a Nurse.

Jessica Sevilla started as a Dining Room Server in the Retirement Center and is now a Certified Nursing Assistant in the HealthCare Center. She has been a part of Freedom Village Family for four years.  Jessica is enrolled in the Nursing Program at West Coast University, Ontario.   As a Nurse, her dream is to work with children.

Jasmine Sparks is a Certified Nursing Assistant in the HealthCare Center. She has been a part of Freedom Village Family for three years.  Jasmine is starting the Nursing Program at San Jacinto College in San Jacinto. Her dream is work as a Nurse in the ICU.

Corey Matteson has been a key part of Freedom Village Team as a Dining Room Server and Security Officer for a total of eight years! He is enrolling in the Computer Information Systems Program at California Baptist University in Riverside. His dream is to become a Systems Administrator.

Erika Navarro has worked as a Hostess and a Server in the Retirement Center Dining Room. She has been a part of Freedom Village Family for six years. She is in the Nursing Program at West Coast University, Ontario. Her dream is to become a Registered Nurse.

Freedom Village Residents are helping Freedom Village Employees achieve their dreams!

Freedom Village is a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Hemet that offers Independent Living, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing all on one beautiful campus. Residents of Freedom Village are confident that as their needs change over the years, services will be available to them – even if they should run out of their resources. To find out more about Freedom Village or Freedom Village Scholarship Fund, please call (951) 658-3369 or visit us at

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