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Independent Living - Why Residents Love Us

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 “I chose Freedom Village because the first time I walked into the lobby everyone was friendly & I felt the warmth of a home. After 12 years, it is still that way. The staff, from the top on down, do everything to make you happy. The activities we offer are great. The holidays-outstanding! I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

 “I have lived at Freedom Village for six years. It is the smartest move I have made in a long time. I just wish I had been smart enough to move here sooner. I am a second generation resident. My mother lived here for twelve years—ten years in independent living and two years in our Health Care Center, in assisted living. She was very happy here. I did not move here because she had been here—I looked at about eight to ten places before making up my mind. The minute I walked through the front door, I knew I was home. The friendly smiles and greetings of the residents and staff made me know this is where I wanted to be. I am very happy here. There are so many things to do, it is hard to do them all. This is like living on a cruise ship, so many things to do and places to go, and good food! What more could you want?”

“I chose Freedom Village for the ambiance, availability to shopping, freeways, and medical care. I was impressed by the casual, friendly, and very attentive atmosphere. The “new look” decorations are mentally uplifting and refreshing. I love the availability of casual dining in the bistro restaurant and how we can be accommodated with almost any desire in the beautiful main dining room. The choice of the other activities and amenities is almost endless…there is something for everyone and lovely people to live and play with. I am home!”

 “Before moving to Freedom Village from Leisure World, I visited several local retirement homes. I chose Freedom Village because it was debt-free, the employees and residents were so happy and friendly, and I could still remain in contact with my Leisure World friends and enjoy activities here with new friends. After 10 happy years at Freedom Village, I feel so lucky & proud that I made the right decision and so are my kids.”

 “I moved to Freedom Village after feeling isolated in my home. Everything here drew me in as if by a magnet. I have freedom from cooking and weekly housecleaning. We have restaurants, game and activity rooms, a fitness center, a pool, nursing staff, EMTs & the friendliest of people here. You can be as busy as you want to be. I am pleased that I made the best move for me almost three years ago.”

“When I finally used the golden key and entered my new “Freedom Village” home, I was instantly aware that magically, I no longer feared change!”

“We moved to freedom village because of its reputation and stability. Freedom from home and garden care and access to health care, should it be needed, made us sell our home. After escorting groups on ships and tours through the world, friends joined us here. The many activities good food, great library – What’s not to love!”

“I love my freedom. I love my village. I love being taken care of in every way at Freedom Village.”

“Having recently had two falls and needed the care of the EMT service we have at Freedom Village, I appreciated the loving care and service in getting one to the hospital and back. They provide exceptional service and care and we should all be grateful for them.”

“Moved to Freedom Village for security, peace of mind, freedom of expression, support, care, services, future preparedness and camaraderie with peers and staff.”

“Security, health care, transportation, room service, entertainment, trips, exquisite cuisine, radiant residents.”

“I choose Freedom Village for a friendly variety of residences, pleasing staff, full time security, and the best of assisted living. We are finally home.”

"The staff at Freedom Village is very caring and eager to help. All of them up form highest, director, through the front desk, the kitchen, dining room, cleaning and maintenance, each and every one, including the transportation service staff is wonderful.”

“Freedom Village has become my home. There are so many activities that I can be as busy as I choose to be. We are well cared for and well fed by the wonderful staff. It is truly a family of friends.”

“Serenity, security, sociability, super value, marvelous menu, cheerful staff, delightful friendships, excellent management. These are the principal (but not the only) attributes of Freedom Village.”

“I love living here because it feels like a big family! Treats you with care.”